Friday, February 27, 2009


Feb/Mar 2009

City Council Meeting March 02, 2009
Councilman Kelly Downard and a representative of the Metro Works department will be attending to discuss the addition of speed bumps in our community. Everyone is encouraged to attend.

Neighborhood Watch Program
At the April City Council meeting an officer from the Louisville Metro Police Department will present this program to all interested citizens within our city. Crime patterns will be discussed for our city and surrounding neighborhoods. This program will discuss and review the following topics:

  • How to create a safer community.

  • Talk about the phone tree program.

  • What is the role of the police in your city?

  • What do you do to keep crime away?

  • What kind of activities to look for?

  • Who do you call when something happens?

Neighborhood Watch signs will be placed within our city to warn off possible criminal activities. Also to those who attend these meeting, decals from the Neighborhood Watch Program will be issued.

Neighborhood House Watch Program

Glenview Hills has started a house watch program to assist residents who may be absent from their property for any length of time. If you would like more information on "Neighborhood Watch" you may come to our regular city meeting or contact Commissioner Robert McGonnell, 502-339-7567 or email (

Louisville Metro Debris Collection
If you still have yard debris and would like to have Louisville/Metro Waste Management pick it up you must place all debris at the curb. They will make ONE trip through the community, without exception. Unfortunately, they are unable to give the exact date that they will be in our area, but when I last checked on February 23, 2009 it was a two or three week time frame.

The Louisville Metro Government is also offering the use of their dumpsters for three days. I have filled out the necessary paperwork and we are “on the list”, but it could be April before we are scheduled for delivery.

After the ice storm, there was a tremendous amount of debris that needed to be taken away. Some of the debris not bundled or longer than three feet was not taken by Rumpke. I called Rumpke to ask what guidelines they followed when removing storm debris. The following is the information that I was given:

  1. All debris needs to be bundled and cannot exceed three (3) feet.

  2. Yard debris is taken on Monday ONLY

  3. Rumpke will also take take large items (water heaters, furniture, etc) throughout the year.

Please call the customer service department at 502-568-3800 to schedule the date. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Deborah Fulks, 457-6283 or email

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