Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Neighborhood Update

At the April regular monthly meeting, the Glenview Hills Commissioners recommended that our City Attorney participate in discussions with the attorney for Canfield Development. The purpose of the discussions would be to address and resolve concerns of residents of Glenview Hills with regard to the proposed development of the Glenview Park subdivision off Cabin Way. The Commissioners also authorized the expenditure of funds to contribute to future legal fees accrued by Attorney Steve Porter, who continues to represent some Glenview Hills residents and other non-residents over the proposed development.

In other matters, the landscaping at the Glen Hill Road entrance to Glenview Hills is undergoing substantial renovation work. After many months of consideration and review of several proposed plans, the efforts of Commissioner Virginia Schulte and other citizens with professionals to improve the appearance of the entrance are finally coming to fruition. However, work has been slowed by the large amount of rain we have experienced. The clean up of bamboo and a fallen tree along Lime Road has also been delayed by the heavy rains.

During the next few months, the Glenview Hills Commissioners, with the assistance of our experienced Treasurer, Bill Galloway, will consider, propose and adopt a budget for the coming fiscal year. Those residents who are interested in learning more about our budget and this process should attend our future monthly meetings.